Mac Mini Server NAS

By Dave Elkan

I’ve been pretty unimpressed with Apple’s recent hardware upgrades. I’ve not found myself the slightest bit excited by anything since the iPhone (which I still can’t justify).

Until now.

The new Mac Mini Server is totally sweet.

I’m a big fan of having a small, energy efficient, redundant system running 24/7. This new machine would fit so easily into my (an no doubt many other people’s) home network and allow me to retire my DNS-323.

The DNS-323, bless it’s heart, is an amazing little machine, but it’s lack of memory and processing power leave it hanging in the dark ages when it comes to things like databases and webservers (it just can’t run them). The mac Mini on the other hand would be more up to the task than my current iMac!

Damn the mortgage! Bring on the Mac Mini Server.

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